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The Fastest, Tallest, and Longest Dive Roller Coaster On Earth Opens Friday At Canada’s Wonderland

Do you love roller coasters? Canada’s Wonderland opens to the public this Friday, May 3rd and has a new ride for the bravest of all thrill-seekers.

The much anticipated Yukon Striker is unlike anything seen before. This coaster pauses at the top before dropping off a 90-degree, 25 metre dive, reaching top speeds of 130 km/h to get your heart pumping right from the beginning. The ride includes a total of 1,100 metres of track, with a complete 360-degree loop and an underwater tunnel.

It’s three minutes and 25 seconds of scary and ridiculous fun. Not for the faint of heart though.

Would you dare to try the fastest, tallest, and longest dive coaster on Earth? Check out the official POV video below. The amusement park is just over a four hour drive away, and makes for a great weekend adventure this summer.

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