The Handbook: 2024’s Most Anticipated Trends In Home, Fashion & Entertainment

You heard it here first: farmhouse-style kitchens may be left in 2023. Modern kitchens with retro-inspired appliances and ‘kitcsh’ accessories (a word used to describe overly ornate or gaudy styles that are unusually appealing and sentimental) will make a comeback.

/02 Hotel Luxury Cafe at Home: Pinterest reports a spike in searches for cafe-style accessories and home furnishings. In 2024, people want to bring the experience of a luxury hotel to their home.

/03 While 2023 felt futuristic and rigidly modern in fashion, 2024 may see a return to the classics. One of Pinterest’s most popular searches in late 2023 was ‘Grandpa Style’, ‘Retro Streetwear’, and similar muses that suggest a more timeless look is on the horizon.

/04 For both men and women, the focus on skincare continues into the new year.

/05 At home, tulled accents on furniture and walls is one of the hottest trends to enter the new year with.

/06 Cars also steer away from the futuristic trend in 2024, as many brands bring off-road inspired upgrades to their bestsellers.

The 2024 LEXUS GX, a luxury off-road SUV.

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