The Top 3 Dog Parks in Ottawa For Your Pup to Enjoy the Snow

With winter here, so is the snow! Even though we dread the non-stop snow that our city gets, our furry friends tend to love it! With that being said, time to get your snowsuit on and take them out to a dog park so they too can get in the wintery spirit. Here are the 5 best dog parks you should take them to!

Bruce Pit – 75 Cedarview Rd

This dog park includes a nice trail through a forest that is perfect for those big dogs out there as well as a central location for dogs to run around. Small dogs may enjoy the park as well however the walk might be too long for them during the cold months. This is also an off-leash dog park in case your friend is craving some freedom time.

Conroy Pit – 3136 Conroy Road

This is also an off leash dog park that offers tons of trails for you and your pup to venture off on. This is a perfect park for dogs that enjoy being social on their daily walks. It is also very well maintained and cleaned routinely – always important!

Jack Purcell Dog Park – 320 Jack Purcell Ln

This is a great park to take a trip to if you live in the downtown area. It’s a fenced in dog park downtown that offers a safe off-the-leash area for your dog! The park also has a fountain which includes water bowls for your dogs.

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