This Workout Requires You to Climb the Elevation of Mount Everest in a Single Attempt—Are You up for the Challenge?


Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts dream of one day conquering one of the most challenging goals in the health world: climbing Mount Everest. While travel restrictions have made it impossible to accomplish that goal right now, the drive to complete this feat hasn’t seemed to subside. A new trend to hit the health and fitness scene, Everesting, allows participants to attempt the climb on any hill or incline.


The methodology is simple: choose a hill or incline and complete repeated climbs until you reach the height of Mount Everest—a staggering 8,848m. According to the official website, the challenge can be completed on foot or by bike, with successful participants receiving a coveted position in the hall of fame, amongst some of the best climbers in the world.


The rules for the challenge vary depending on whether you choose to run or ride, in order to be considered for the Everesting Hall of Fame, the participant must complete the climb in one attempt, with no sleep. Breaks for mealtimes and rest are allowed and encouraged, though the site warns that these can add up quickly and increase your overall run time.


Think you’re up for the challenge? Learn more about the rules and hall of fame greats at www.everesting.cc

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