The 5 Daily Habits of Entrepreneurs


Have you ever wondered what sets successful entrepreneurs apart? The secret might just lie in their daily habits. Studies documenting the day to day of various entrepreneurs showed surprising overlap in a number of their daily activities, posing the question: how much do your lifestyle habits affect the success of your career?


1.They’re Early Risers

Across the board, successful entrepreneurs commit to an early morning start, with the average rising time being between 5am and 8am. This habit is one that is backed by research, with studies finding that an early wake-up time increases productivity and decision making skills throughout the day. Sleep in general is a huge priority in the daily routines of these entrepreneurs, with many keeping strict nighttime routines to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Though it appears that there is no magic number for hours to sleep per night to maximize productivity, as shown by the varying lengths of each entrepreneur’s average night of sleep, which ranged from 4 to 9 hours.


2. They Exercise

Prioritizing a daily workout is a recurring theme in the day to day of successful entrepreneurs. The type of exercise seems to hold less importance than the commitment to consistency, with some citing a daily walk-in nature as their workout and others maintaining a more complicated fitness routine. The emphasis is placed on keeping the body strong to keep the mind strong–a necessary asset when living the life of an entrepreneur.

3. They Rest

Setting aside time in the day to devote purely to rest and relaxation is a vital aspect of the entrepreneur’s day. Maintaining a state of well-being is crucial in a leadership position, and preventing burnout is a top priority to keep the wheels of a business turning effectively. Many entrepreneurs stated that meditation played an important role in their daily rest routines, with others opting for reading or a power nap.


4. They Keep Their Schedules Flexible

The day-to-day for these successful entrepreneurs doesn’t imitate the standard 9-5. Many opt to keep their schedules fluid, mixing their day with business meetings, workout classes/mindfulness practices, and social/family time. This helps to maintain a better work-life balance, while also allowing mental breaks to prioritize effective work-time productivity.

5. They Prepare

A good business owner is always thinking one step ahead. Most surveyed entrepreneurs work to minimize the time spent on micro-choices that slow down their daily flow. They accomplish this by preparing in advance, whether that be by scheduling all their meetings into one day or setting aside time at the beginning of the week to troubleshoot small-scale challenges that may arise; this helps them streamline their working hours and maximize productivity.


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