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Top 10 Men’s Watches Under $100

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Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a fortune to add a piece of style to your collection. Wristwatches are a unique accessory that can complement any outfit, and if you choose right, you can look great at an affordable price. Here are our top 10 watches under $100.


Casio Gold Men’s Vintage Watch
Depending on your preferred style, this vintage Casio watch will add a subtle, conservative, and elegant look to your outfit.

Casio Gold Men’s Digital Watch
I know, two gold Casios in the top two? This digital face adds a contemporary but upscale look to any outfit, and the durability and ruggedness of the watch combined with a closing clasp will ensure it works well, no matter what you put it through. At $110 new, this watch should be a staple of any man’s wardrobe.

Caravelle by Bulova
Bulova, the luxury watch designer, made this lower-end model for men who prefer to save money. Like Bulovas, this watch is medium-thin, elegant but not flashy, contemporary but classically professional, and is well made.

BoBo Bird Wood Watch
These professional, simple watches have been reworked for a modern, eco-friendly feel by being made out of wood.

Casio G-Shock
Ah yes, another Casio! We can’t help that Casio produces mid-tier, economical but stylish watches for a variety of lifestyles. This G-Shock digital watch has become a common addition to a lot of wardrobes, and for good reason. The large face and tight-fitting style of this watch really complements an active but fashion-conscious wardrobe.

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EOS New York Revenj watch
This watch is really cool. It looks like somebody took a vintage comic book and transformed it into a wearable piece of a childhood memory, and is sure to get people talking.


Kenneth Cole Transparency watch
Kenneth Cole has designed a contemporary watch with an original take on open-faced watches, for an affordable price. The partial transparency of the face certainly deserves another look, and it comes in two styles.

Fossil The Minimalist
This watch face is a super sleek, modern bronze timepiece that showcases fossils subtle design work and angles.


Casio Illuminator
This lower-end Casio still has the style of a classic digital casio, but also adds extra durability and some colour with a rugged rubber and plastic outer shell. The watch is smaller, unlike its G-Shock cousin.

Lacoste Men’s Rubber watch
This Lacoste product is on-brand with its popping colour, simple design, high quality, and conservative but preppy style.



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