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We Asked Ottawa Residents For Their Craziest Public Transit Stories, And They Delivered

Ottawa public transit can be so convenient, but so much can happen on those long morning and evening commutes.

We knew Ottawa residents would have wild stories to share, so we asked them. Here are some of Ottawa’s craziest public transit stories.

“Lots of years ago…. I was a teenager on the 95 heading to Rideau…. It was probably about 8:00… dude sitting beside me busts out a $20 bill and pukes in it. All he says is “ew” and rubs it on his pants and gets off the bus at Campus.”

“This story is my dad’s story, he drove OC Transpo for decades…. One time a person who just committed a robbery was a passenger on my dad’s bus. I believe he was standing near the front of the bus and my father, the driver. And information about robbery and a description of him was broadcasted on the bus radio.”

“Many years ago I fell asleep on the bus. The driver didn’t check to see if it was empty and I woke up at the garage near Bayshore by a very angry driver yelling at me. Then he called security and I got escorted out. ”

“That time at Billings when a guy was casually eating a Greek salad. Once he finished, he proceeded to plug one nostril and snort the leftover chunks of feta.”

Apparently, this story hit close to home for multiple Ottawa residents…

“This was many years ago, but I have a foot phobia lol I hate feet… And to make matters worse someone was clipping their toenails on the bus.”

“I’ve experienced this too!!! And about 15 times clipping fingernails. Why people think this is proper public transit behavior is beyond me.”

“was this on the 95? Because I swear someone from the east end did this regularly!!!! I took that bus to work for three years and it happened almost weekly! I have the same phobia and I swear it would make me nauseous especially that early in the morning.”

“I saw this happen too!! Soooo gross!!”

One resident summed it up perfectly

“These stories make me very glad I have a car.”

Thanks for participating Ottawa! We want to hear more of your stories. Follow our social media accounts and answer our daily polls and questions.

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