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Why Do We Kiss Under a Mistletoe?

Many trace this tradition back to Norse Mythology, to a story about the god named Baldur. In the Story, his Mother casts a powerful magic spell to make sure no plant grown on Earth could be used as a weapon against her son.

The Sneaky mistletoe avoided her spell, because it was grown out of a tree’s branches, not out of the earth!

There was a devious fella named Loki who, when realizing this, made a spear out of Mistletoe and he killed Baldur with it.

Surprisingly, Baldur’s magic momma declared the Mistletoe to be a symbol of love after the death of her son and she promised to plant a smooch on anyone who walked underneath it.

Historians who ponder such important things seem to be baffled how this mythological tale somehow evolved into its modern-day tradition.

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