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Would You Pay For A Personalized NFT Of Your Car?

Attention all car-lovers: this new service from Scrap Car Comparison might just be the ticket to giving your well-loved vehicles a new lease on life. This unique service offers a one-of-a-kind NFT of your current or past cars, giving you virtual ownership rights forever–even when the car itself has gone to the scrapyard. For those whose cars hold sentimental value, this service is meticulous in its rendition of your beloved vehicles–with NFT artist Amy Kilner including every dent, scratch, sticker, and chipped paint patch to truly encompass the look and feel of the car.


The company is gauging interest in this new, intriguing service, with motorists encouraged to register their interest online by June 12th, 2022. Of these registrants, one lucky car enthusiast will win a unique NFT of their car, complete with total personalization, down to the air-freshener and bumper stickers.

Dan Gick, the Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison commented on this latest venture, “we want to try and bring car ownership into the digital age, by taking the step into NFTs and web3, and giving car fans their own piece of art that will be forever available for them to see online. It might not be for everyone, but we’re sure that some people would love to have their car with them virtually, as well as physically, so we’re very excited to offer this opportunity to the market!”


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