3 Ottawa Yoga Studios to Help You Get Your Yogi On

Ottawa is a ‘healthy hub’, in other words, it’s a city where you can find someone running by the canal at almost any time of year. Its residents thrive on remaining fit and healthy, and therefore it is no surprise that the city is filled with plenty of amazing yoga studios.

Yoga definitely lives up to its hype— it is a total mind-body workout. Doing yoga allows you to build your strength, tone your muscles and improve your flexibility, all while bettering your concentration, mindfulness and overall mental health. It has even been proven to help lower blood pressure in individuals with hypertension by restoring their baroreceptor sensitivity, which is the body’s ability to sense blood pressure imbalances and adjust accordingly. 

With all of the proven benefits of practicing yoga, it’s time to hit the mat and channel your inner yogi by checking out one of these three amazing Ottawa yoga studios.

Rama Lotus Yoga Centre

As the first fitness centre devoted solely to yoga in all of Ottawa, Rama Lotus is a great option for those looking to hit the mat for the first or hundredth time.  Rama Lotus runs on the philosophy that as long as you can breathe, you can do yoga. The centre is located downtown near the corner of Bank Street and Gladstone Avenue, where it features 5 studios offering over 115 classes every single week. Classes are ranked by level of difficulty, ranging from gentle to strong, although several of their classes welcome individuals of all levels. If you begin channeling your inner yogi at Rama Lotus and find yourself loving it as much as you hoped you would, the centre even offers courses to become an instructor yourself! All in all, Rama Lotus can help you become the ultimate yogi.

Pure Yoga

With three different locations spread throughout the city, Pure Yoga is a great option for anyone who finds themselves living, working or going to school in all different neighbourhoods. All classes offered at Pure Yoga are hot yoga classes, which helps raise your heart rate, improve your breathing, focus your mind and improve your mental concentration. The Pure Yoga philosophy teaches that yoga goes beyond the time spent in the studio– it also includes the way you treat others and yourself. Nourishing your body with healthy fuel, treating yourself in moderation and practicing mindfulness both on and off the mat is the true definition of leading the Pure lifestyle. The classes offered at Pure Yoga include Pure Sculpt, Pure Flow and Power Vinyasa, just to name a few. Their entire schedule is available online to help you decide which class is right for you. 


Elevate Yoga 

Elevate Yoga runs on the philosophy that your yoga studio should be more than just a yoga studio, it should be a place that helps you get back to your roots and thrive in the outside world. By allowing your free-spirit to flourish, Elevate is a place to practice yoga the way you want to practice it, without any pressure to be something you aren’t. Staying in tune with simplicity allows us to grow and flourish into an unparalleled yogi. Styles at Elevate range from Novice to advanced, and include classes such as Go With The Flow, Candlelit Yin, The Roots and Stretch + Unwind, with their complete schedule available online


By Julia Solimine

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