5 Refreshing Ways to Adjust the Feng Shui in Your Home

Feng Shui focuses on the strategic placement and position of objects and use of colours to invite positive and healthy energies into your living space. It goes beyond having a clean, uncluttered space to following tactical principles that allow you to align your life with the power of chi. Aligning your life with the power of chi is important, because according to Chinese religious theories, being harmonious with chi brings health and happiness into your life and your relationships.  

Considering the principles of Feng Shui when designing your home will not only promote the flow of healthy and happy energies, but will also leave you with a clutter-free, aesthetically pleasing living space.

Respect the Command Position

One of the most basic principles of Feng Shui is referred to as the “command position”, which means that certain household objects should be placed in a way so that they are facing the main door you use to enter the room. These household objects include things such as your bed, desk and stove. In Feng Shui, the main entrance to a room is referred to as the ‘mouth of chi’, and is the designated entrance way for different energies to enter your home. The idea of placing objects in the command position means that you are placing them in a way so that you can see the door but are not directly in line with it, promoting the arrival of positive energy. Not every living space allows for this principle to put into action, which is where strategically-placed mirrors can help you achieve the same effect even in the tightest, most difficult of spaces.


Decluttering your living space helps declutter your mind and in turn, declutter your life. It is important to keep your entire home tidy and clutter-free, as area’s of your home and objects that sit and collect dust symbolize aspects of your life that are stagnant or are being ignored. Tidy, simple spaces promote active energy flow throughout your entire home. Even enclosed spaces such as closets should remain tidy and organized, as overstuffed closets symbolize our lives are complete and allow no space for new opportunity.  Pay special attention to the front door of your home, as the front door acts similar to a first impression to the outside world. This doesn’t mean that your entrance way must be completely empty, but rather bright, tidy, and organized.

Activate Your Front Door

This is an extremely interesting and unique principle of feng shui. ‘Activating’ your front door allows you to decide which energies will enter your home and manifest your life. To activate your front door, you make a list consisting of nine wishes you have for yourself and your life. This list must be written on a red piece of paper with a new black ink pen, and must be written on a auspicious day between the hours of 11am and 1pm. Once you have finished writing the nine wishes, read them aloud, sign your name at the bottom, and place the list inside of a red envelope. Take the red envelope and find a steady position for it to rest above your front door. Now, everytime you enter your home, you are inviting the positive energies and wishes from your list inside to possess your life.

Keep An Eye On Colour

Fire, water, wood, earth and metal are the five elements of nature that bring different energies into our homes in order to create a balanced life. These elements are represented through different colours, which is why it so important to remain mindful of the colours you choose to decorate your living spaces. The earth element is represented through tones of yellow, orange and brown, and are helpful for those lacking self-care and stability. Greys, off-white and whites represent the metal element and can help provide greater clarity and precision. If you are aiming to generate greater flow and wisdom into your entire space, make use of black or dark blue accents that represent the water element. Incorporating wood elements into your design is a great way to encourage new-beginnings and bring lively energies into dull spaces. The fire element is obviously represented by the colour red, and can be used to spark passion and gratitude.

Always Think Twice

With the several hours we spend sleeping every night, the bedroom is of great importance in feng shui. Always be sure to design your bedroom in pairs, regardless if you’ll be the only one falling asleep there every night. In feng shui, pairs are thought to promote loving, harmonious energy, allowing your mind to feel at peace as you lay to rest every night. Designing your bedroom in ‘pairs’ means that you are buying two nightstands, two lamps, two pillows and two seats.



By Julia Solimine

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