3 Style Hacks to Look Taller

Three style secrets to radiate stature and poise.

Avoid belts, cropped jackets, and vests

The main goal is to keep the eye-line clean from neck to ankle, avoiding abrupt pauses. Belts add a horizontal line in the center of the eyeline, making you appear wider rather than taller. The same goes for cropped jackets and vests, the harsh line at the waist disrupts the eye and can call attention to a shorter torso to leg ratio.

Accentuated Accessories

Choose a shoe with a narrow shape and a pointed toe to elongate the leg, and avoid bulky footwear like chunky sneakers. Accessorize the top half of your outfit with a hat or glasses to keep the eyeline centered on your face.

Wear fitted, monochromatic clothes

The bunching of fabric at the waist and ankles that often accompanies oversized pants and bulky sweaters breaks up the lines of the body. Avoid this by sticking to fitted silhouettes, like a skinny trouser or jean, and a snug button-up and well tailored suit jacket. Keep the outfit in monochromatic dark shades to further elongate the body– this works by creating a clean line from the head to toe, avoiding breaks at the waist.

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