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3 Things you need to know about your nutrition from Registered Dietitian Charlene Kennedy

Food brings people together. Whether it’s at a holiday meal with your family, lunch with an old friend, or cake at a child’s birthday party, food dictates routine, energy, and balance. March is Nutrition Month, so we sat down with Registered Dietitian, Charlene Kennedy, to talk about the three most important things to consider if you’re ready to get serious about your nutrition.


Prioritizing healthy eating, even with a busy schedule

According to Dietitians of Canada, almost half of all Canadians say that eating a balanced diet is challenging for them because they are so busy. Charlene discusses how planning ahead contributes to finding success with nutritional choices.

“We schedule our kids hockey practices, yoga classes and dinners with friends. But don’t forget, we need to allow time in our week for meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep as well as time to actually eat! My tip is to actually pencil these events into your calendar.”


Protein Snacks

Studies also showed that only 30% of Canadians snack to stay fueled in a busy day. It is important to give your body the fuel it needs in order to stay energized and keep your mind working at its best. Charlene explains the importance of not just having a snack, but considering the components in what you’re eating.

“Make sure your snacks include a source of protein. This will help you stay full longer and have a better chance of making it to next meal without feeling famished.”

Patience & Reason

Charlene discusses how it can be confusing to make sense of the messages out there on nutrition. In the age of social media, there is an overwhelming amount of information on what diets you should be doing. She tells us simply to take things slow to figure out what works best for you and your life.

“Make one change at a time as opposed to a complete diet overhaul. Once you’ve successfully made the first change, go on to the next one on your list. If you weren’t able to sustain the first change you made, that’s okay. Move onto number two. Give yourself grace and time.”


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