4 Board Games That You’ve Never Heard Of That Are Actually Incredibly Entertaining

Dice on reflective background

Do you love game night with friends and family? These board games won’t be found in your traditional roster, but are sure to be fun for all.

1. Do You Really Know Your Family?

This family-fun game is filled with conversation starters and challenges that put your family bonds to the test. It’s a fun and thought-provoking activity for
kids, teens, and adults.

2. CodeNames

Codenames divides your group into two teams to battle it out over a board of random words. One person from each team tries to help their teammates guess their secret codewords with a series of riddles.

3. 5 Second Rule

Can you name three things you do in water, in 5 seconds, flat? This hilarious game (in both censored and uncensored versions) is both hilarious and challenging as teams battle it out for points, in less than 5 seconds.

4. Guess in Ten

3 clues and ten yes or no questions. That’s all you have to guess which animal appears on the card. Guess in ten is a fun spin on trivia for the entire family.