4 Last Minute Tech Gadget Gift Ideas Perfect For Everyone On Your List

Shopping for last minute gifts? You can’t go wrong with these 4 gadgets.


For the Person Who Loses Everything


Car heys, wallet, phone…for the person who is always looking for their things, a Tile is the perfect & simple gift that is sure to make a major difference in their New Year. 


Tile is a small device that easily attaches to your items, and helps you to track them on your phone. If you can’t find your keys or wallet, simply press a button on your phone to bring them to light.



For the Traveller 

For the person who’s always travelling, give them the gift of instant translation with the WT2 Language Translator Earbuds. Connect these earbuds to your phone, and with the help of a bluetooth app, words are simultaneously translated to English for you. It’s like magic. 


For the Homeowner


The Ring Video Doorbell connects to your phone to offer instant access to a front door cam. Whenever someone is at your door, you can view and speak with them from your phone, without even getting up or having to meet them.



For The Early (Or Late) Riser


We all hate mornings, but for the person who double-dislikes them or gets up way too early? To this we say: there’s a gadget for that. The Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock With Coloured Sunrise Simulation is a clock that mimics the sun’s natural rising process, helping to kick-start your circadian rhythm and boosting your morning wake-ups. 


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