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4 ‘Productive’ Habits Slowly Killing Your Productivity


These four habits are common when we’re busy. But, they can also be less than productive.

The Group Emails

Not only does hitting “reply all” flood everyone else’s inboxes, but long email chains with a long cc’ list can usually be replaced by a quick meeting or conference call. Most of the effective discussion gets drowned out by delays, or people replying with formalities to seem productive. Sifting through these emails becomes a burden on your time very quickly.

Constant Connection To An Inbox

Speaking of emails, how often are you checking yours? A two week study done by the University of British Columbia found that limiting the amount of time you are on your email (what they call a ‘never-ending to-do list’) will actually help to reduce stress. If you commit to constantly being caught up, you are bound to add stress to your workday, because new emails are sure to come in. The less time you are on your email, the less pressure you are putting on yourself, and this can lead to a boost in productivity (and a decline for those who are constantly connected).


Tabs on Tabs

While there is nobility in multi-tasking, the numbers conclude that only 2% of us can truly multitask effectively. Even worse, if you use your tab bar as a to-do list, studies shows that having open tabs can subtly hinder your focus and raise your anxiety, both of which lead to drops in productivity. Take your tabs, right out your to-do list, and map it out by ordering your tasks in a way that is most efficient. Then, go ahead and close those tabs.



The Morning Coffee

If you’re drinking coffee as a morning pick-me-up. It’s time to put-it-down. If energy and focus are problems (both symptoms of dehydration), you may be doing double damage by grabbing a cup of dehydrating caffeine. Instead, start your day with water. Just after lunch, and after a morning of hydrating yourself, treat yourself to coffee to carry you to the end of the day. That way, you’re maximizing your focus and your coffee’s capabilities.

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