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4 Ways To Eliminate The Elements From Your Morning Routine

These four hacks will help you shovel minutes off your morning this winter.

Keep Snow From Sticking 

Spray a film of cooking spray on your shovel before heading out. The snow won’t stick on it, helping you get the job done faster and with ease.



Leave the Shovel Inside

Most of us have to add an extra ten minutes onto our morning routine to brush and scrape our cars out of their frozen prisons. But next time you pull in the driveway for the night, try covering your car with a tarp before a snowfall. Users of this hack swear by the fact that you’ll have an ice-free car in the morning.




Avoid a Frozen Windshield

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and a cup of water. At night, spray it across your windshield. The mixture should keep ice off all night.



Keep Socks In Your Car

Have an extra pair of socks in your car at all times for winter driving – for the outside of your boot, not the inside. For those times when shovelling or driving where you need some extra traction in the snow, socks provide the perfect amount of extra resistance.