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Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue Partners With Ottawa’s First Responders for 2020 Calendar

For the past few years, Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue has been creating themed calendars highlighting a small number of the dogs in their foster program. This year, they’ve teamed up with Ottawa’s first responders for some amazing images of our local rescuers supporting our local rescues. 



“Pairing the dogs with paramedics, police officers and firefighters allowed us to highlight this dedicated group of individuals who are first to arrive on scene when we need them most and often help us through some of the hardest moments in our life.” Says Jennifer Arkell, Communications Committee Volunteer for Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue.



December 2020, Timber & Cheryl Laite



While they tend to our needs of safety, shelter and health, dogs also play a very important role in keeping us well. The companionship, love and joy that our pups provide us with also helps us get through our tougher days. It just made sense to pair up some of our amazing 4-legged friends with a great group of 2-legged volunteers to promote them both together this year.”



And the result is some truly breathtaking images that capture the power of those special four-legged friendships, sacrifice and care for one another.


With the help of Leslie Yeow Photography capturing these amazing photos, Sarah O’Neill, who provided her expertise in design and Jennifer Arkell, the director behind the scenes, Sit With Me was able to produce this unforgettable calendar.


The 2020 calendars are available for purchase at or via their social media sites. Proceeds of sales will go directly to supporting rescue dogs in need.


November 2020, Zeppelin & Jason Savory

Title image: Front Cover, Lulu, Wakka, Spira, Shido & Andrew Sutherland, Andrew Lightfoot, Andre Cohen.

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