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4 Wireless Speakers with Incredible Sound & Style


Harman/Kardon Aura Plus

This Bluetooth and WiFi enabled home speaker system has ground-breaking 360 degree sound, which delivers home audio seamlessly from your phone. Once you hear the difference this design makes, you’ll be hooked.


Tivoli Audio Sphera

Stylish and compact, the Tivoli Sphera is a trendy speaker that is a popular choice for multi-room sound. It can be hooked up as part of a grouped speaker set or left as the center piece in your study. Either way, the walnut finishings of this retro-inspired, high performing speaker are sure to be top ranked for 2019.


Fugoo Style S

Fugoo speakers are compact, loud, and known for their durability. The style is the perfect speaker to be your outdoor buddy for 2019. It offers 15 hours of battery life, is mud-snow-water and drop proof, and has Bluetooth and voice control. It’s a leading speaker in durability, connectivity, sound. It’s a rugged speaker ready for the outdoors.



UE Boom 2

Looking to stay on stop of stylish speakers this year? Almost every speaker fan is raving about Ultimate Ears’ Boom 2. The speaker has incredible bass and over 100ft range. It’s waterproof and drop-proof, and comes in a huge variety of colours and prints.


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