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Beat the Winter Blues

While a closed door is known to keep the cold out, it may be guilty of letting irritability, fatigue and other symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in. Use this checklist to help beat the heat of the Winter blues.


Sleep Like It’s Summer

But not actually, because in the summer months, we tend to get less sleep due to the extra sunlight. The reason why we feel comparatively more energized on less sleep is because of our internal clocks responding to the sun cycle—waking up with sunlight will leave us feeling more well rested regardless of how much sleep we were able to clock. For this reason, dark winter mornings can leave you feeling bogged down all day. Beat this with a Dawn Simulator, a lighting system that programs your lights to turn on slowly, like a sun rise, even on the darkest of mornings.


Spring into Winter

When it comes to fitness, don’t fall behind. This season is the perfect time to amp up your fitness routines and push your limits. Fitness experts suggest spending more time at the gym to make up for the lack of every-day walking and activity that you would do during the warmer months. In winter, exercise becomes the key to energy and a positive outlook.


Eat Your Sunshine

The vitamins we get from nice, sunny weather can be made up for by changing your diet. To combat the dark days of winter, eat like a summer’s day: increase your Omega 3 intake and your Vitamin D (think fish). Try to eat colourfully—the more colour a vegetable has, the richer it is in phytonutrients—which are essential for healthy organs and tissue.


Fill your cup carefully

Take hydration seriously in winter; because we are constantly colder, catching up with some ice water seems to fall on our priority list. Instead, we tend to grab a coffee or hot chocolate—which is rich in caffeine and sugar, and dehydrating. Avoid alcohol as much as you can, as it too zaps you of your energy and acts as a depressant.


Prepare for the best

These tips are simple solutions, but putting them into practice takes work. Make time to prep your meals to ensure you’re getting all of your nutrients. Fill-and-fridge your re-usable water bottles for the week to make hydration a timeless task. Commit to better sleep by creating a fool-proof night time routine. Leave winter outside by taking care of yourself inside-out.


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