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$40,000 in Cash Will Be Hidden Somewhere In Ottawa Next Week, And You And Your Friends Could Be The One To Find It

Escape rooms are a great way for you and your friends or family to have a night of fun, but what if the prize was more than just the pride of knowing you’re smarter than the average joe?

GoldRush Canada is a Canada-wide event produced by ArsenalFX, that has hidden $500,000 in cash across Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver, bringing the ultimate escape-room turned treasure hunt to Ottawa on October 4th – October 6th. They’ve hidden $40,000 of cash somewhere in the city, with a map and a series of clues ready for the most daring of escape-room artists in what they call a ‘haunted outdoor escape room”.


The treasure hunt is city-specific and uses haunted stories from Ottawa’s history to bring the hunt to life.




Tickets are available online, and players have the option of signing up alone or joining a team. Prices start at $59. Your registration gets you 1 treasure map for Ottawa and 6 clues. The first 500 who sign up receive 2 golden clues, and the second 1000 receive only 1.

More info can be found on Gold Rush Canada’s facebook page.