5 Board Games That Are Perfect For A Fall Night In

Fall is around the corner, which means leaves are going to start changing colours and it is about to get a LOT colder outside. What better thing is there to do than bundle up and play some classic board games inside? Rather than blow a bunch of money on some games you’ve never tried before, here at Faces we’ve got the scoop. Here’s our Top 5 favourite tabletop party games to try out when it gets chilly outside.


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The Resistance (10-20 minute playtime, 5-10 players)

This game is all about espionage, deception, and a bit of charm. The Resistance is based around a group of people who must decipher who are spies amongst them; one bad move spells utter demise for the good guys, or the bad guys. Regardless of who wins, this game usually ends in major bragging rights for the winners, and a sour taste for the losers (especially after your own best friend stabs you in the back mid-game).

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What Do You Meme? (20-30 minute playtime, 3+ players)

If you’re a meme lover, or just somebody who likes to laugh, you’ll love the aptly titled game. In a very similar playing style to Cards Against Humanity, you’ll submit captions to world famous memes that have been popularized online. The trick? You have to change your strategy up consistently depending on who the judge is. This is a favourite back home!


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Codenames (15-30 minute playtime, 4 players)

Ah, everybody’s favourite word-matching game! Codenames involves you and a partner working together to guess which words are correctly yours on the board. This wacky word game is very fun, and depending on who you play with, you’ll get a different game every time.


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Tsuro (5-10 minute playtime, 2-4 players)

This board game is based around the Chinese dragon legend that is Tsuro – you must place “roads” on the board to which your avatar will ride. If they’re too close to the edge, you’ll fall off. Sabotaging your teammates is a must, but so is playing defensively in this simple yet challenging game.


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Telestrations – After Dark Version (15-20 minute playtime, 2-8 players)

Imagine broken telephone, but instead of talking you’re drawing inappropriate NSFW images for your friends, and they have to guess what those inappropriate NSFW images are. That pretty much sums it up in this twist on an old-school classic!


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