Allison Prest’s Wellness Brand is Positively Revolutionizing the Way Women Perceive Menopause

Allison Prest’s journey from municipal administration to ownership at Phishbusters is a testament to the transformative power of her determination. Leaving the comfort of a secure job to pursue one’s passion is a bold move. It not only transforms one’s professional life but also gives them the freedom to follow their true calling. This is exactly what the lively and optimistic Allison Prest did in 2022 when she launched Soulful Flow Coaching and Hypnosis, a wellness brand and service portfolio.

The brand is dedicated to supporting middle-aged women in navigating the complex terrain of menopause. Prest says: “By partnering with Phishbusters, I was granted more time freedom to dedicate to Soulful Flow while still being able to support a growing tech business with Cary.”

Her dedication to breaking the silence around menopause and creating a secure environment for women to flourish is truly inspiring. She provides support and empowerment through individual sessions and group mastermind programs, using hypnosis to address emotional and physical challenges and demonstrating her holistic approach to well-being. “This group mastermind program covers many subjects menopausal women need support in,” explains Allison. “Hot flashes, sleep deprivation, new onset of anxiety or depression, the need to reinvent oneself, fears and frustrations, and much more.”

“I see a gap and a need to help women create and experience menopause as a productive and positive transition, a time to carve out something new for themselves,” shares Allison. “Menopause is a powerful change that does not have to just be endured, it can be a time to thrive and soar.”

To Allison, the gap in support services for middle-aged women is partly due to the negative stigma of menopause. “It’s seen as a time of loss and struggle, and for many it is. My purpose is to shift that thinking in women and help them see menopause as a positive transition where their life’s experiences, wisdom and knowledge are important, and that age is something we are blessed with.”

Allison Prest is a resilient and empowering figure, expanding her practice and creating communities of empowered women. She is an example of what mid-life can truly offer, embracing her true power and helping others do the same. Her future is a beacon of hope for all those seeking transformation in their midlife journey. Prest states: “By joining Phishbusters, I took a unique path, that has given me financial support, but most of all time to dedicate to my true passion: the power of mid-life. You no longer have to follow all the rules.”

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