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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

We’ve uncovered some of the most common pitfalls even the most well-intentioned of lovers fall into.





Not Planning Ahead


You want to make sure they’re happy, so you will take your partner anywhere they want to go on Valentine’s Day, right? Wrong. Not having anything planned, even with good intentions, comes across as uncaring and lazy. Have a plan, make a reservation. Make your partner feel like you thought about this ahead of time.



Not Making A Reservation

Speaking of thinking ahead, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, spas and destinations. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your table, or you will be stuck without one.



Not Discussing A Budget

Whether it’s too much or too little,  not meeting financial expectations is a source of ten-sion for couples on Valentine’s Day. If it’s appropriate, establishing a budget for gifts can help to avoid the unwanted surprises or feelings of misunderstandings.



Not Signing The Card

Don’t make the mistake of letting the card speak for you. The card aisle is littered with great poems and notes that may express exactly how you feel, but those words need to be in your hand writing if you don’t want it to look and feel like a cop-out to your valentine. Even if you are buying the most expensive or most thoughtful gift a person can find, it loses a lot of context without a hand-written note. Don’t let the card speak for you …sign your card.



Ordering a Gift Online

February 14th sees an influx in cards, gifts and presents being sent in the mail, increasing the chances of a stall. Don’t put yourself at risk of your gift not arriving in time, and shop in-store.



Choosing The Wrong Flowers

Red roses may be generic, and your partner most certainly isn’t…therefore you should think outside the box for your choice of flowers? Not this time. Different colours of flowers carry different meanings (think funerals, graduations, weddings), and your partner may associate them with those occasions. While you might think you are adding to the romance by choosing a differ-ent flower, you may be taking away from it instead.



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