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5 Foods That Help With Anxiety

Eating foods rich in serotonin-producing nutrients can have a noticeable  and positive effect on your anxiety, while avoiding  foods that bog down your digestive system or leave you dehydrated can have the opposite effect.



Kale is rich in a number of important nutrients including vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, magnesiums, zinc, and vitamins A and E. Kale is helpful in reducing anxiety by providing high antioxidants – research shows that lower amounts of antioxidants in the body is linked to higher anxiety. If you’re not a kale eater, swap it out for another leafy green like arugula or spinach (which has similar nutrients) or hide it in juices, smoothies, or omelettes to reap its benefits.



High in magnesium, almonds can effectively help treat anxiety-related symptoms. Just 1 ounce of almonds contains 75mg of magnesium, that’s already accounting for 19% of your daily intake recommendation.

Almonds also contain significant amounts of vitamin B and D, as well as vitamin E which has been linked to ameliorating mood disorders. A delicious way to consume the benefits of almonds is to try almond milk and add turmeric powder for a golden tumeric latte.



Promoting brain health, salmon is a great source for omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids help to reduce inflammation in the brain, lessening the chance of anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids may help manage dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that are responsible for calming and relaxing abilities, allowing you to better handle stress and other triggers for anxiety.



Another antioxidant rich food, blueberries are an easy and delicious way to fight anxiety. Blueberries also have high amounts of vitamin C, something our body craves when we’re stressed out. Use blueberries in place of sugary snacks as an easy way to help to reduce anxiety throughout the day.


Greek Yogurt

Last but certainly not least, never neglect your probiotics! Greek yogurt is a great source to get your daily dose of probiotics and protein. It is packed with minerals that relieve stress, ultimately reducing anxiety. Make sure to get plain greek yogurt in order to cut sugar consumptions from artificial flavouring. If you’re not a fan of plain greek yogurt, add it in dip recipes or mix it in with berries and cereal for your morning breakfast.

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