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5 Hacks For Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

You probably aren’t thinking about winter just yet. But trust me, it’s coming. Be prepared for the inevitable days of 10’ of snow and -40 temperatures by getting your house ready now. Here are some things you can do in October and November to prep your house for the fight against old man winter. 


Clean Your Gutters


You’re probably thinking this is useless. A few leaves or debris in your gutters shouldn’t impact your house for winter, right? Wrong. If your gutters get clogged, they can’t drain. Too much snow and ice building up will eventually melt. If that water has nowhere to drain it could leak into your house. 

Turn Off Outdoor Faucets


If the water is still running or still in the pipes it could freeze and burst. Avoid this by shutting off the outdoor water valves, disconnecting the hose and draining the last bit of water. 


Check for Leaks


Your windows and doors may be a source of lost heat. Check to make sure the perimeter of your windows doesn’t have cracks on the inside or outside. As for doors, make sure they close properly without air coming in. If air does come in, it’s a pretty easy fix by calling a professional. 


Pad Exposed Pipes


If there are any exposed pipes you can pad them, so the heat stays in and they don’t get exposed to the elements. Pool noodles are good for larger pipes. Don’t forget to cover the top of your air conditioner as well. If the fan blades are exposed to ice it could break them leaving you hot once summer rolls around.


Check the Chimney


Does your house have a proper chimney with a real fireplace? If yes, get it inspected and, if needed, cleaned before first frost. This will ensure your chimney is in tip-top shape for a crackling fire on those cold nights.


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