5 New Year Kickstarters

A new year is a clean slate and a chance for a fresh outlook on setting (and reaching) new goals. Here are five things you can do to kick start 2019 into being your best year yet.


Stop making excuses

Rather than saying “I don’t have time”, ask yourself  “Is this a priority?”. Chances are, you will feel much more motivated to fit things into your schedule.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t have a plan. Write goals down, and figure out the small steps you need to take to achieve them. Your daily accomplishments add up to long-term happiness and success.


Drink more water

You’ve heard this pounded into your head over and over again. Yet here we are, a brand new year, and you are still choosing iced coffee when your body is just begging for hydration. Boost your energy levels, feel better, prevent headaches, and maximize physical performance by cleansing your body with 8 cups of refreshing water per day.


Refresh your space

Create an environment that encourages positivity. Whether it’s your office, bedroom, or kitchen, small changes like eliminating clutter will contribute to your well-being. Less distractions increase productivity and make room for what is important to you.


Build better relationships

Be kind and trustworthy. Call your friend on their birthday instead of writing on their Facebook wall. Ask people how they’re doing and genuinely listen to their answer. Make the effort to find common ground with your co-workers. Every relationship, no matter how minor, has value. Fostering positive connections will bring good energy into your life.


Saying “yes” to doing something that scares you

You know what’s easy? Staying in your comfort zone. But you know what increases opportunities, options, and possibilities? Taking risks. Nothing will ever change if you don’t do anything differently, but success means doing what others won’t.

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