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5 Things You Should Try to Fight your Work Day Fatigue

Mark Cuban had it made when he owned Landmark Theatres. He used to take power naps in movies during his lunch whenever he felt tired. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to recharge throughout the day? Since none of us are Mark Cuban (or own a chain of movie theatres), our options for fighting fatigue at work are a bit more limited. Here are 5 ways (beyond coffee and tea) to help you feel more refreshed at work.

Cut Your Sugar Intake Way Down

If you’re feeling like you have no energy throughout the day, you should try to avoid blood-sugar spikes caused by eating too much sugar. Start with breakfast. Do you reach for a sugary breakfast cereal? Over-do it on fruit, yogurt and juice? Take sugar in your coffee? In the morning, our body actually craves carbohydrates (which translate into glucose in our body), but they need to be balanced with non-sugary foods to avoid a blood sugar spike. This goes for every meal; if our blood-sugar levels are thrown off during the day, it will have a proven effect on the quality of our sleep, leading to more fatigue down the road.


Drink A LOT of Water

If you’re feeling mentally or physically exhausted, you may be dehydrated. Take a minute to chug some water. A few minutes later, you will notice a difference in your energy levels. The trick? Try to keep yourself hydrated moving forward.



Grab a Cinnamon Stick

A study done by Wheeling Jesuit University found that smelling cinnamon and peppermint throughout the day (30 seconds at a time) can have an affect on our levels of fatigue and mental alertness. It even helps to reduce levels of frustration and anxiety. A diffuser is a good way to get the scent of natural oils into the air. Some research has also suggested that peppermint and cinnamon gum can have the same effect as scent.


Avoid Checking Your Phone

Social media is designed to keep you interested, engaged, alert – as long as you’re scrolling, at least. But all of that information overload can leave you feeling completely spent before your work day has even begun. Combined with the eye strain you may get from peering into your phone for 20 minutes or more, checking your phone may be zapping you of your mental energy. Preserve your focus by focusing on real life, which will help you to feel more alert at work.


Fight Inflammation

One of the biggest culprits for being tired all the time is inflammation; your body’s reaction to an imbalance of bacteria in the gut. Keeping inflammation in check is critical for your health, and as Dr. Kellyanne (author of the Bone Broth) says “If you have a sick, inflamed gut, you’ll experience anything from wrinkled skin, to weight gain, to autoimmune disorders, to depression.” This list includes what you may consider to be unexplained fatigue.

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