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5 Tips to Beat a Hangover the Day After

Hair of the Dog

  • Instant gratification will indeed help balance you out but will be basically prolonging the inevitable, so pick your poison. The drink will provide a numbing effect and most likely make your headache worse.

  • Carb Load

    • Carbs can help bring your blood sugar level back up in the morning. When your blood sugar is low, your liver produces more glucose from stored carbs. Your liver is already working overtime by metabolizing the alcohol so your blood sugar levels will stay down if you don’t eat. The carbs can consist of fruits and veggies too.. it doesn’t have to be bread.

  • Ginger for your stomach

    • Ginger is the best natural remedy for easing nausea. Try fresh ginger steeped in hot water, crystallized ginger or a ginger pill to help!

  • Sleep

    • If you can… take a morning nap, get up have some food and then try to get back to sleep. The remainder of your day will be a world better after an hour nap.

  • Liver Support

    • Get yourself some milk thistle and take it at night before bed with 2 large glasses of water! Milk thistle can help support the detoxifying process of the liver and help you metabolize those extra few drinks while you sleep

Tip- Substitute the tonic or pop you usually mix with for soda water with lemon, the taste will be similar but you will feel a world better the next day without the sugar. Did you know a classic gin and tonic contains 18 grams of sugar, or 4 teaspoons?!


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