Ottawa Invisalign Dentist’s Youtube Channel Lets You See His Work From Beginning to End

From appointment, to surgery, to testimonial, Dr. Ben Fong is taking part in a new trend in cosmetic procedures and pioneering it into Ottawa Invisalign Orthodontics: using social media to give prospective patients a look into his surgical procedures on Youtube.

You may recall last year’s news stories of cosmetic surgeons using snapchat to give viewers an inside look into their operating rooms. On Youtube, Dr. Ben Fong has hundreds of videos showing 3D animations of his Invisalign patients and their progress, before and after photos, dental surgeries for impacted teeth, and testimonials from some of his thousands of patients. Each video is informative, and gives the viewer a chance to see Dr. Fong’s work and expertise up close.

Some of his videos show actual procedures being done.

His videos can help answer many of the common questions that Invisalign candidates can have, however Dr. Fong also offers free consultations (in over 8 different languages) out of five different Invisalign clinics in the city.

Dr. Ben Fong, Director of Ottawa Invisalign Clinics

You can watch more of his work on his Youtube Channel or find more information on his services here.


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