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7 Camping Hacks You Need To Try

If it’s your first time camping, these hacks will help you look like a pro. If you’re already a camping pro, then let these tips sharpen your camping game.


Save Space
Instead of taking a pillow, just bring the case. Use your clothes as a pillow to save space.

Water and Ice
Freeze water jugs to keep your cooler cold and have drinking water once it melts.


Belt and Hooks
Tie a belt around a tree and use hooks to store cookware, clothes and food.


Get Cracking
Want eggs on your camping trip, but are worried they’ll crack? Pre-crack them and store them in a water bottle for pre-made scrambled eggs.


Tick Repellent
1 part tea tree oil and 2 parts water. Put it in a spray bottle and zap your shoes, socks and pant legs to reduce tick bites.


DIY Matchbox
Fill a mason jar with matches to protect them from getting wet. Glue a strip of sandpaper to the top of the mason jar as a striking strip.


No Kindling? No Problem
Use Doritos. Seriously, they work in a pinch and smell tasty.

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