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A Note To All Patio-Goers This Weekend: Please Be Patient

As Friday approaches and most parts of Ontario enter into phase 2 of reopening, many are eager to hit up their favourite patio and enjoy some sunshine and a public outing.

Some social media users with serving experience are sharing positive reminders about the reality that restaurateurs and service staff alike are facing with this reopening, and how we can help them succeed.


“Please be understanding and patient,” says Ian Lynch from Toronto, Ontario. “They probably won’t be able to offer their full menu right away. Staff members haven’t worked in 3 months and may be rusty, nervous or confused by the new measures that must be taken. Listen to the staff and follow their rules. They are all trying to stay safe and keep you healthy.”


For those living in areas where restaurant patios can reopen this Friday: please be understanding and patient. The…

Posted by Ian Lynch on Monday, June 8, 2020


Others, expressing concern over what is expected to be a patio-rush:




And although the expected rush may be hectic, it’s an exciting step towards a new normal, that many can’t wait for.