A Seated Treadmill: LA Company Launches MiniTread To Help Remote Workers Get Their Steps In

It’s the first of its kind, but the MiniTread seated treadmill aims to aid a problem that is not new.

A new product from LA-based company Onthemuv®, miniTREAD®, is a miniaturized evolution of the treadmill as a seated solution. The ergonomically designed cardio and lower body exercise equipment is small enough to fit under a desk and easy enough for all ages to use. This new motorized device will benefit millions of North Americans working from home as well as those who are mobility limited.


Photo Courtesy of Onthemuv®


But does it work? In a press release from the company published this week, the company’s CEO and co-founder Joanna Medin says yes. “Our design can help improve circulation, strength and cardio fitness, while comfortably fitting under your desk or in front of the couch.  Regardless of age or fitness level, users can get fit while they sit and continue to work, Zoom® or watch TV.”  


The motorized miniTREAD is compact and works some of the key muscle groups:  calves, hamstrings, quads, and core. The accompanying remote calculates steps, distance, calories burned, speed and session duration. And it’s over 80% smaller than the size of a typical treadmill.





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