Almost One Quarter Of Gym-Goers Won’t Return To Gyms After Pandemic, New Study Suggests

A survey done for LifeAid beverages has shed some light on the mixed responses of gym-goers looking towards a new normal post-pandemic. 

The study surveyed over 2,000 North Americans who previously went to the gym at least 2 days a week, who have since been forced to workout at home amid COVID19 closures. 


The study found that almost a quarter of respondents (24%) do not plan on going back to the gym. One third will keep their memberships, but plan to go less frequently. 


Over 50% of respondents said they will wait about a month after gyms open before heading back. 

The responses reflect over 3 months of exercisers investing in, and adapting to, at-home fitness regimes. That, and a growing uncertainty about what the new gym-going experience will look like. 


Survey respondents were asked about their attitudes towards safety procedures taken by gyms during reopening, which revealed some mixed emotions. A quarter of respondents would not go to the gym if masks were mandatory. But, the same number of respondents felt the opposite – they would only go to a gym if masks were mandatory. 

The survey shows that gyms are far from out of the woods when it comes to looking towards welcoming back its customer base. How they adapt to this uncertainty and the re-found love of at-home fitness regimes will be an important part of the future of busy gyms.

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