Andrew Abraham – Building Opportunity with Capital Prosperity Foundation

Ottawa’s Andrew Abraham is the leading force behind TAAG Corporation, a multidisciplinary professional services firm that specializes in understanding the needs of small/medium-sized businesses and family legacy.

TAAG’s mission–to help the hardworking, multi-generational businesses in Ottawa meet the challenges of tomorrow–is a reflection of his own upbringing in a small family business. Watching his father pour a lifetime’s work into his restaurant, Andrew learned the sacrifices made by small business owners, and more importantly, the role of family legacy amidst the daily toil. “I saw firsthand the work and dedication business owners invested in nurturing success within their families,” the charming and resolute entrepreneur reflects. Andrew’s experience as part of a multi-generational small business was the ignition for TAAG, which would offer a more personal, more familiar ally to families and businesses in Ottawa.

Understanding the values and experiences of his clients, Andrew landed on the concept of ‘prosperity’ as the firm’s guiding principle. “That’s our Big Idea,” he offers. “We believe that the true essence of prosperity hinges on the willingness of individuals and businesses within a community to contribute their resources and their time towards enhancing the overall well-being of everyone, especially those most in need.” When it was time for Andrew to define the company’s values in Corporate Social Responsibility, he once again looked to his upbringing. Seeing the compassion his father had for the less fortunate in his community as a restaurant owner, the cause was clear; “No hunger amongst the most vulnerable in our city.”

And so, when Andrew and Bill Ayyad, COO at TAAG sat down with Dan Fried, President, and Kevin Darling, Chair of the Capital Integral Charitable Foundation in early 2024, they found an organization that completely aligned with the firm’s guiding principles. The charity had a portfolio of programs aimed at building prosperity in Ottawa through initiatives that tackled the issue of hunger–an instant synergy with Andrew and TAAG. With a new partnership underway, the foundation was rebranded to Capital Prosperity Foundation, “which reflects our commitment to improving the lives of children and families in the National Capital Region,” tells Andrew. “We all believe that true prosperity is about creating a positive ripple effect, supporting our neighbours and building a vibrant community.”

Andrew at Skye Studio, Photography by Nicolai Gregory

The newly rebranded foundation is fundraising through a host of programs, Andrew explains. “When you make a gift to Capital Prosperity Foundation, you’re investing in vital programs for vulnerable children and families in Ottawa. Your donation will go toward our Gift Card Program, Make A House A Home Program, and other initiatives that provide essential resources to children in need.”

Charitable tax receipts are provided to both individuals and corporate donors. Reaching out to a financial advisor at TAAG can assist in making informed decisions about corporate donations, including understanding potential tax benefits.

Other ways of getting involved are through volunteering and attending future events. “Our future plans include hosting various events, raising even more funds to support programs like the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) School Breakfast Program.”

To learn more about Capital Prosperity Foundation’s work in Ottawa, visit

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