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Cadieux Interiors Curated Top Design Trends for 2022


Ready to be inspired? Cadieux Interiors, one of Ottawa’s fine furniture stores that specializes in sofas, bed’s, dining tables, and more, has released their top design trends for 2022.

The Cosmopolitan


We are introduced with a richly saturated palette combined with polished stone and brass for an instant luxe appeal. You will be able to find beautiful pieces such as the Barcelona Sectional, with pillow-like channel quilted cushions, chic legs that brings a touch of distinction to elevate your room.

Adding modern design, such as brass accents are a perfect way to change the atmosphere of a room to make it feel cozy and warm with a touch of elegance.



The Naturalist

This is done by combining sustainable fabrics and wood species blended with organic shapes and finishes. This evokes a sense of well-being and connection to Mother Nature.

Some may find neutral boring, while some find it bold. Colours such as beige, ivory, taupe, and shades of white provide a sense of calmness, fresh, and make a room feel more spacious.

Uplift your space with pieces such as the Arlo Cocktail Table, Palma Upholstered Canopy Bed, and the Norrland Carbon Throw Pillow.


The Modern Minimalist

This style seeks simple forms but with ample function, adding pieces to living spaces becomes well thought out and methodical. As it is similar to the Modern look, Modern Minimalist involves using bare essential pieces to keep your space simple and uncluttered.

This style includes clean lines, neutral shades, and subtle accent colours. It prioritizes simplicity and elegance by focusing on shapes, colour and texture. This trend sets apart from the rest by creating the “less is more” feel to a room.

In order to accomplish this look, consider pieces such as the Agora Media Unit, Castella Bookcase, and the Swan Bed.

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