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Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

Are you and your future spouse considering if a destination wedding is the right fit for your big day? We’ve weighed the pros and cons to packing up and heading on vacation to tie the knot.



Package Deal

Many resorts offer a package that includes the majority of your wedding essentials, including a marriage license, cake, officiant, rooms, food, decor, and planning. It can be much cheaper than venues in your hometown, especially in big cities such as Ottawa. This all-inclusive package also helps you enjoy the planning process without the stress of coordinating every small detail and vendor.


Picture Perfect

It doesn’t matter where you choose to go – the beach, a European castle, the snowy Rocky Mountains – the landscapes and backdrops for your wedding photos will be breathtaking. Destination weddings give your pictures and memories that unique touch, as it is likely that none of your friends or family have gotten married in the same location.


Less Expensive Reception

Generally speaking, a destination wedding thins out your guest list. Many people feel obligated to invite distant relatives or friends of the family when they host a wedding in their hometown. With only a handful of friends and family likely to make the trip, a luxurious wedding in a distant location can often keep the cost down compared to a formal reception with everyone you know. And with less guests in attendance, your wedding will be more intimate and romantic.


Dreamy Honeymoon

As soon as you’re hitched, the honeymoon begins. Spend your first night as newlyweds in a gorgeous venue, without the stress of making it to the airport on time or packing up from the ceremony the next morning. Destination weddings keep the party going since you’re already there.





Your family is also on your Dreamy Honeymoon

It’s wonderful that your family and friends are also still in this beautiful place with you; however, it’s important you set aside some time to get away from your loved ones. Many families choose to extend their trip to also stay and relax once the big day has wrapped up, but then you are stuck with them on your vacation. Try to plan some special time away for just the two of you. If this isn’t possible, you might end up wanting a second honeymoon a few weeks later in order to get some alone time.


Everyone Can’t Make It

Unfortunately, making the decision to have your wedding in a distant location often means many of your friends and family will be unable to attend due to financial restraints, work, or health. Although you may be able to assist with some of your guest’ travel fares, or be flexible with the date, you still cannot account for everyone’s needs. If it’s really important to you that no one misses it, then a destination wedding is not the right fit for your special day.


Dress Code

The location of your wedding highly dictates the type of formal wear that you, your partner, your bridal party, and your guests can dress in. If you’re dreaming of a big, heavy ball gown, then a beach wedding is not really conducive to this choice. If men want to dress in a full black tuxedo, this is also not beach appropriate. Before booking a warm destination venue, it is important to decide if the location matters more than the style of clothes you plan on wearing.


Venue Viewing

Another downside to booking a beautiful destination wedding is that the planning must be done from afar. Most people don’t fly to the venue in advance, so you’ve either been there before and know it’s the right fit, or you trust that the pictures online do it justice. Either way, you cannot drop by the venue in the months or weeks leading up to your big day to visualize and plan out how things will go, which can cause a lot of stress for people who like to outline every last detail.

The most important thing about booking a wedding venue is ensuring it is with the people and in the location you want to remember it in. Ultimately, there are benefits to booking both at home and a unique getaway experience, so it comes down to who and what is most important to the couple on their big day.

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