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5 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

Via @bakerfurniture

Spring is on its way, which usually means cleaning and freshening up your home for the warmer season. Your bedroom is a place in your house where you spend lots of time every day, but often neglect when it comes to decorating. Wondering how you can give yours that new and bright feeling? The experts at Cadieux Interiors have five tips on how you can refresh your bedroom.


Edit your stuff

De-clutter, organize and purge what you don’t use. A messy, disorganized space is a distracting and frustrating environment, so it is important to strive to make yours serene and restful. Remove all small accessories and replace with a few large and meaningful items, perhaps from your travels. Make it personal as this is truly your own sanctuary.



Consider an upholstered bed

There is often too much wood in a bedroom between the dressers, night stands and wood floors, which makes it quite cold. Adding an upholstered bed in a calming neutral fabric can soften the space and add instant warmth. By keeping it neutral, you can change your colours easily and you’ll have the most flexibility with bedding.


Create a feature wall

Emphasize the location of your bed by painting the wall in a feature colour, or better yet, apply an eye catching wallpaper. With wallpaper being a hot trend, you can find something that suits your individual tastes, from geometric patterns to the more organic simple textures such as grass cloth. If you fear to commit, be sure to look up Sure Strip from York for Wallpaper that easily removes with a spritz of water. Placing mirrors or art above your night stands is another great way of making your bed the center of attention and instantly expanding your space.


Layers of texture

Create the bed of your dreams by layering textures and patterns with your bedding. Add fresh white sheets, a coverlet in a contrasting colour and a folded throw at the end of the bed or even a fur throw in the winter for that luxe feel. Then toss a couple of throw pillows, and you’ve created the perfect nest.


Update your lighting

Replace the all too common globe ceiling fixture in the middle of your room with a fabric shaded version for a polished look or a pretty chandelier that casts the perfect fused light. Add a pair of unique lamps on your night stands, or consider swing arm wall mount sconces to free up the surface of your night stands. And make sure to add dimmers to adjust the brightness to your mood.


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