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Do You Have One Of The 3 Most Common Complexes?

We all have our vices – do we have our complexes, too? Psycologists suggest so…these three complexes are found to be some the most common to walk among us.


If you hide your talents in order to fit in, you may have a Jonah Complex. This makes people unwilling to strive towards achievements due to the fear of success—that their talents will make them noticed, when they would rather fit in.



If you feel unable to catch a break from the injustices in life, you may have a Martyr Complex. Martyrs portray themselves as the heroes among the rest, continuously blaming others for their hardships, and considering everyone around them to be selfish in comparison.



If you are always apologizing when things go wrong, you may have a Guilt Complex, which creates a constant sense of guilt, magnified in times of strife. People with this complex tend to be obsessed with the rights and wrongs of the world, and feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to outcomes they cannot control.