Try This Simple Hack To Make Your Bananas Stay Riper, Longer

Potassium-rich bananas are a great staple in your diet. Not only do they pack a powerful boost of nutrients and anti-oxidants, they can also improve digestive help and stabilize energy levels.

Bananas are nutritional all-stars with a limited career: they only stay rip for about 2-5 days, and up to 7 in the refrigerator. But, a little-known hack is here to help preserve your bananas for up to 12 days.


The solution lies in wrapping the stems of the bananas you want to preserve. This traps the gasses that are released through the stem, and keeps the banana for spoiling as fast. The key is to buy your unripe bananas, leave out a few, and wrap the rest, to spread out the times in which your bananas ripen.



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