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Edward Pham’s RealIT Is Offering Real Solutions

I see a lot of inefficiencies, unnecessary  complexities, and exuberant costs in the implementation of IT management solutions,” shares Edward Pham. Pham is the figurehead behind RealIT, the Kanata-based success story he founded twenty-five years ago. “But with us, the focus has always been on providing the best value for our clients.” 

RealIT works with enterprises small, medium, and large from across Canada. And while they all cite cybersecurity as their number one problem, scratch that surface, as Pham has done many times, and you’ll uncover greater infrastructural dysfunction. 

“Corporate IT has become increasingly complex,” Pham explains. “There’s more hardware and software being deployed. Organizations are having a hard time implementing it and keeping up with the knowledge required to administer and operate it.” 

Hence, RealIT, with its knowledge-based workforce and ease-of-use remedies. The company’s flagship product is Service Management Automation X (SMAX), a sophisticated IT Service Management solution developed by OpenText. To hear Pham describe it, there’s nothing this game-changing all-in-one tool can’t do for struggling service desk-based operations.  

“SMAX helps organizations run a streamlined service desk. It manages all hardware and software assets and can handle requests, changes, and more. It includes a self-service portal where users can submit and track their own requests, as well as help themselves to published articles. SMAX features an AI-driven virtual agent, chat functionality, a user satisfaction survey, and smart analytics for better visibility into operational data.” The expert team at RealIT can deploy SMAX either on-premises or in the cloud.  

Running a cutting-edge hi-tech solutions industry from the safe haven of Ottawa was more than Pham’s parents had ever dreamed of for him. When Saigon fell during the last phase of the Vietnam War, sixteen-year-old Edward was put on a leaky boat. An enterprising and determined type even then, Pham rescued himself and his sixty-five fellow passengers from a watery grave. Eventually, he found himself in a refugee camp, until the government of Newfoundland and Labrador got him settled in St. John’s.

In time, Pham procured a Master of Engineering degree, then worked in computer networking. Positions with Hewlett Packard and Nortel ensued, till he broke away to form RealIT. 

In all cases, he’ll be bringing cost-effective, working solutions to his customers, integrating systems, perfecting processes, and creating better user and end-user experiences. “What makes RealIT different,” Pham proudly reiterates, “is our deep knowledge, vast experience, and longevity. We stay true to our strengths.”

Looking to reconnect with his roots, Pham is entertaining expansion to Vietnam, hoping to avail himself of clients in the Asia Pacific region. The U.S. and Europe are also on his radar.

By Dan Lalande

Photography by Freshh Anderson at the Chateau Laurier