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Embrace Winter

4 Dog-Friendly Destinations For Winter Wandering


Heart’s Desire, Barrhaven

Barrhaven’s Heart’s Desire Park offers an urban hike that is easy to access and easy to walk. The area also links to lots of spots to explore along the Rideau and the smaller Jock River. The park has an off-leash area for dogs, too.


Deevy Pines Park

A great spot if you’re looking for some well-maintained trails to walk your dog in the west end, Deevy Pines Park offers a quick-toget- to walk in the woods.


Beryl Gaffney Park

A great spot to walk your dog along the water and through trails, Manotick’s Beryl Gaffney Park is near the intersection of Prince of Wales Drive and Rideau Valley Drive. The trails offer multiple views and access points to the Rideau River, and it’s a great and quiet spot to spend an afternoon with your dog.


Carlington Park

A popular spot for toboganning in the winter, you and your dog can break away to find some great views of the city, or meet other dogs in the off-leash area. Smaller trails offer forest views.