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An Ice Bar, Luxury Suites and An Ice Chapel: A Look Inside Quebec’s Ice Hotel

Hôtel de Glace, Quebec’s famous ice hotel, returns for another year. The hotel isn’t your average igloo; it has over 40 rooms for guests, including themed suites, a bar, and a host of outdoor activities. The hotel is open from January to March 29th, and only a 5 hour trip from Ottawa.


More Than A Hotel

Hôtel de Glace offers day tours with food and drink packages to give day guests the Nordik experience. Guests can enjoy the outdoor saunas and pools, grab a drink at the ice bar and tour the stunning architecture without staying overnight.



Looking for a bit of luxury?

The 42 rooms in Hôtel de Glace offer both basic and premium suites, some complete with fireplaces and each with themes carved into the walls and ice decor. Their largest suite includes a private sauna.



Not Just a Holiday Destination

The retreat showcases a chapel of majestic proportions, that hosts multiple weddings throughout its season. (Cover Image)