Expert Advice: 2 Ways To Treat Hair Loss With Rooster’s Men’s Grooming

Negotiating hair replacement options can be, well, hairy. It’s an aspect of grooming in which hucksterism runs high, with people shilling everything from electrical stimulation to pain-inducing plugs. But Roosters Men’s Grooming Center, Ottawa’s premier full-service grooming and styling facility, offers safe, affordable, non-invasive hair replacement solutions. Roosters’ own Atorina Babaea offers a number of tips spotlighting the remedies that Roosters offers.


XCELLARIS PRO Professional Hair & Scalp Treatment

Xcellaris Pro is a line of professional, salon-grade products that create the optimal conditions for reversing the process of hair loss. The natural, active ingredients therein target both the hair follicle and the surrounding skin tissue. Unlike regular topical products, these ingredients go beyond the surface of the scalp, penetrating in-depth. Thousands of microchannels significantly increase their absorption, ensuring maximum efficacy. 


At the salon, your barberist will apply and massage the treatment deep into the scalp to dramatically improve hair structure.


Atornia of Rooster’s Mens’s Grooming applies Xcellaris Pro.



 Treatment ampules promote and maintain healthy hair growth and ensure optimum cellular metabolism. Home-use hair lotion, combined with a homecare Dermaroller, nourish and repair hair fibres and increase volume. A healthy, natural, and strong head of hair is within your reach. 


For more information, contact Roosters Men’s Grooming Center for a free consultation and evaluation.

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