Exploring 2023’s Best Suit Trends

Ten years ago, Ukeshen Kistan, more commonly known as UK, co-founded Suit Up! Tailors, Ottawa’s go-to boutique for custom suits, shirts, and shoes. Whatever your size, whatever your preferences, UK and his staff will take your measurements, discuss fabrics and design, then, for an affordable price, make you look like a million bucks. 


Given the company’s longevity and popularity, UK has seen it all. Who better to provide insight on the best suit trends of 2023? 


2023’s Most Popular Suit Colour

Green is the most popular colour for a suit, according to the knowledgeable UK. Forget its predecessors, electric blue and burgundy. Now, emerald, olive, lime…all shades of green are in. “The shift started about four years ago,” says UK. “Last year, it hit full swing.” As for the runners-up, “the usual greys and blues are not too far behind.”



For Weddings, Vest Is Best

Says the man who’s probably outfitted more wedding parties than anybody in Ottawa, “Most grooms are opting for a vest. It sets them apart from the groomsmen and provides a certain sophistication at the reception, as opposed to just the shirt and pants when the jacket comes off.” As for what kind of vest, UK qualifies, “Double-breasted. It’s very much in demand.”



Black & Brown Shoes Are The Sole Choice

According to UK, brown shoes remain his customer base’s top choice, regardless of the colour of the suit. “That said, black is still popular.” UK should know. SuitUp! holds the distinction of becoming the first tailor in Ottawa to custom design footwear. 



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