Freak Ottawa Storms

 If you have lived in Ottawa for any length of time, you know we are not immune to some powerful storms. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…and we don’t even have to go that far for some!  

September 27, 2017 

Anyone else confused as to where this one came out of? Out of nowhere this beast descended on our city, bringing wind speeds of 160km/h in some parts of the city, along with torrential rain and golf ball sized hail. Thousands without power, trees uprooted, roofs off homes…it was over as quickly as it started but did managed some crazy damage.  


Winter 2017 

While there was no storm that caused significant damage, the snow that fell on our city smashed records and surprised us day after day last winter. The worst day was February 16th in which over 50cm fell in one day, breaking a decades old record from the 1940s. It seemed like the snow would never end! Snowmaggedon was correct. 


July 2011 

I feel like I read about this on the news yesterday, but it was 6 years ago! Cheap Trick was playing at Bluesfest when all of a sudden, a strong wind storm hit the Capital, enough to collapse the main stage! There was some pretty serious injuries, but thankfully everyone made it through. 


Ice Storm 98’ 

Even if you didn’t get the souvenir t-shirt, if you lived through it, you will never forget it. There were no crazy winds, no encroaching snow, just rain. Rain that froze everything. Millions of people were out of power for weeks, and the ice coated everything, toppling trees, power lines, roofs. The only good thing that came from this storm was seeing communities band together to help one another. 

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