Free, Local, and Fun Ways To Keep Your Beach Bod On Point

We’ve spent the last couple months in hibernation getting our summer bods ready and in shape. The minute the sun comes out and the snow melts – that’s when the panic hits… beach season is among us. Now that the weather is nice, that doesn’t mean we get to toss in our weights in exchange for iced teas; it just means we need to find ways to combine the gym and fun, creatively together.

Let’s be real; nothing motivates you more than fitting into that cute new bikini you picked out on the weekend with your friends. And working out outside is a win-win: you get to feel the radiant, warm, and UV-filled sun on your skin while at the same time, working on your toned, sexy beach bod and staying healthy. These 3 activities should most definitely be added to your summer schedule; simply because they are fun, local, and free!

1. Yoga In The Capital – Wellington Street, Parliament Hill

photo: @tonyclementcpc


Attention all Yogi Bears: this one is for you! Located in Canada’s capital is outdoor yoga on the front lawn of Parliament Hill. Lululemon offers an hour-long yoga lesson almost every Wednesday at 12:00 pm throughout the duration of the summer. This is the perfect weekday activity for all ages, and for the betterment of your soul, physical endurance, and happiness. All that is suggested to bring is a water bottle, a yoga mat, and some sunscreen to stay protected. Summer yoga is perfect for sweating it out under the sun and getting one step closer to achieving our summer bods.

2. Hiking in Gatineau

photo: @mdum_

photo: @lesgrenades

If yoga isn’t your cup of tea, hiking may spark your interest. Gatineau offers many scenic and fun hiking trails to the public. Two trails in particular are very popular when it comes to getting the perfect Instagram hiking photo (Don’t lie, isn’t this why we all go hiking?). Both Luskville Falls and Pink Lake range in difficulty; offering shorter and longer duration of trails that end with a picture perfect overlook of Gatineau – ideal for a casual picnic or first date, too. So, what’re you waiting for? Grab your running shoe’s, some sunscreen and snacks and get moving!

3. Active On The Rideau Canal

photo: @kaaylaarichter

photo: @tourleaderkristina

A perfect activity for some solo fun or with a group of friends! Grab your bike, rollerblades, or runners and hop onto the Rideau Canal pathway. The pathway is 6.5km each way and is one of the best ways to take in Ottawa’s beauty. The good thing about this workout is that you can take it at your own pace and breath in some fresh air while adding some physical activity to your daily routine.



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