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This Ottawa NPO Is Helping To Break Down Employment Barriers By Providing Professional Clothes To Those In Need

In today’s world, clothes don’t really make the man, but they certainly help on the road to success and with first impressions. Clothes can be expensive though – even for those already in the working world. Suits his Style is an amazing non-profit organization that recognizes this issue.

Based in Ottawa, this organization collects and donates apparel that is both professional and tasteful to men and women who are in need of a helping hand. By giving people in need a fresh look, Suits his Style aims to boost the confidence of those going into a job interview or to provide sustainable casual wear and suits for post-employment.

Suits his Style wants to help break down barriers to employment, one suit at a time.

Feel free to check out this amazing organization at for more information.

“Do you have gently used, freshly laundered, professional men’s clothing that you no longer wear? Consider donating to Suits his Style!” photo: @suitshisstyle


“Our client Serge is looking for a janitorial position and wasn’t convinced he needed a suit for job interviews. But when he came out of the change room in this stylish brown suit and complementary blue dress shirt, he was sold! Dress not for the job you have but the job you want!” photo: @suithissyle


“”In Africa I could not sleep well. I was really afraid. I had dreams that people would break into my home and cut my throat in my sleep. I was a journalist back then and I had been writing about my government. They were corrupt and committing acts of terrorism against its people. So I wrote three books about it. I guess I just can’t keep my mouth quiet! After the books were published, my government accused me of treason, but I don’t regret what I did. I refused to watch my country become ugly. But because of my writing I could never feel safe. That’s why I left and came here to Canada, a country of democracy and diversity. There are many kind people who have helped me here. I’ve received a lot, a lot, a lot of support and I’m grateful for so much. Leaving my home country and living as a refugee hasn’t been easy… but now I am safe, I sleep well, and I can continue to write. I will never stay quiet.” Samy has a PhD in Francophone literature. He graduated last year in Burkina Faso and he is now applying for a post-doctoral internship in Ottawa.” photo: @suithisstyle


“Our Board of Directors met yesterday to discuss future initiatives for Suits his Style. Stay tuned, lots of exciting projects ahead! “
photo: @suithisstyle



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