Halloween 2020 Will Have A Blue Moon

Halloween will feel a little blue this year, but not because of the pandemic. This spooky season will feature something truly spectacular that has not been seen since World War II. The full moon that will occur on Halloween is called a blue moon, which is a rare second-in-the-month full moon. This phenomenon happens when the moon appears bluish due to smoke and/or dust particles in the atmosphere. This will be the first time anyone has seen something like this since 1944.

If you’re worried about missing it, don’t worry because seeing this spectacle will not be hard at all. No matter where you are, simply walk outside and look up to see it in full glory. No need for any equipment, just your bare eyes. However, if you are hoping to snap some pictures for Instagram, you may find it a tad difficult. Photographing the blue moon with your phone will not match what you see with your eyes, it will look too small and quite unimpressive. If you really want to document this event, try using a camera with a telephoto lens. This will allow more detail into the photo, definitely worthy of showing off to your friends. 

So, this Halloween, take a step outside and take advantage of this opportunity because astronomers suggest that the next global full moon will not be until 2039.

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