Here’s How Much Of Your Life Will Be Spent At Work (And in Traffic)

The average human lives for about 80 years. Though the direction of those years are unpredictable, researchers are able to use statistics to measure just how much time the average human will spend on their routine activities.

13 Years of your life will be spent working, the activity in your waking life that will take up the most time. This number highlights the importance of making sure to avoid an overly sedentary work style (sitting too much), which studies have shown has become a leading cause of heart disease and premature death. A sedentary lifestyle also doubles your risk for obesity and diabetes.

And this doesn’t include the time spent commuting to and from your workplace. The average person will spend about 1 entire year of their life sitting in traffic.

This may help put into perspective how much we should cherish our time off, as we only have 3 years of our life that is spent on holidays and vacationing.

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